CPHI China 2024

19 - 21 June 2024

Shanghai New International Expo Center,
Shanghai, China

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Actuators & MDI
solutions & suspensions

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Choose pMDI Valves and Actuators as your ideal partner. Whether it’s a single API or a blend of two or more ingredients, we have the perfect fit for your inhalation formulations. Our valves, with a dosage range from 25 to 100 µl, are compatible with solutions and suspensions, working seamlessly with actuators featuring various spray orifice diameters. With excellent sealing and moisture barrier properties, they accommodate different propellants, including eco-friendly options like HFA 152a. Enjoy full technical and regulatory support from the early development stages to full-scale manufacturing.

Actuators for solutions & suspensions

Actuators for solutions & suspensions

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